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Active Release Technique (ART)

The Benefits of ART Active Release Technique

If you suffer from chronic pain and stiffness, you may be experiencing the side effects of internal scarring in response to numerous, accumulated tiny soft tissue tears and other injuries. This problem can make your favorite activities difficult or even impossible over time, but taking painkillers will only mute the pain temporarily without doing anything to address your limited range of motion. Fortunately, ART Active Release Technique offers a precise, natural, effective means of freeing muscles and connective tissues from their prison of scar tissue -- and Dr. Joel Adkins, our Anchorage AK chiropractor at Adkins Chiropractic, is happy to provide ART to patients who can benefit from it.

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To understand what ART can do for you, you first need to understand how your body responds to tissue damage. When strains and sprains occur, the body creates scar tissue at the injury site to immobilize it (thus preventing additional injury) and rejoin torn or separated muscle fibers. You don't have to experience a major injury for this response to occur -- in fact, it occurs every time you exert yourself and build muscle. Micro-tears occur in the muscle fibers, and these micro-tears are covered by scar tissue. Unfortunately, the internal scarring process can sometimes get out of hand, resulting in large collections of scar tissue called adhesions. Adhesions bond tissues together, inhibiting their range of motion to create pain and stiffness. It can also trap and pinch nerves while limiting the availability of oxygen (which is necessary for tissue healing and function).

Anchorage Chiropractic Care with  ART

active release chiropractor in anchorageART is a sophisticated form of manual tissue manipulation, which of course makes it a natural complement to our other chiropractic care Anchorage treatment options. The first stage for our Anchorage AK chiropractor is to discuss your symptoms and medical history with you, after which a detailed physical evaluation is performed. We look at your biomechanics to spot signs of unnatural physical limitation as well as palpating the body to detect adhesions under the skin.

ART's manipulations include more than 500 specific protocols that can both diagnose and treat internal scarring. Once Dr. Adkins has found an adhesion, he can apply the appropriate moves to break up the scar tissue's hold on your muscles and ligaments -- restoring pain-free movement by eliminating the cause of your discomfort instead of just masking the discomfort with drugs.

Since adhesions can contribute to so many different chronic pain disorders, we may prescribe ART to help you with:

  • Recovery from acute soft tissue injuries (auto accidents, etc.)

  • Sciatica

  • Shoulder pain

  • Back and neck pain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Tennis elbow, runner's knee and other sports-related repetitive strain injuries

Several sessions are usually prescribed for best results, but you may experience significant improvement in your range of motion in your very first ART session. Contact Adkins Chiropractic today to schedule an initial evaluation from our Anchorage AK chiropractor!

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