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Conservative Care for Sports Injuries in Anchorage

Whether your swing is off due to a nagging case of tennis elbow or you're barely able to move after a high-impact football collision, sports injuries can do more than keep you away from your favorite activity -- they can put your entire life "on the bench" by making even simple tasks impossible. For many athletes, however, the prospect of major surgery to correct the problem sounds even worse. Fortunately, weekend warriors and professional athletes in Anchorage have another, safer, less painful option: conservative sports injury treatment by our skilled team at Adkins Chiropractic.

Our Anchorage, AK chiropractor can treat your sports injury and get you back in the game

Treating Typical Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can assume all kinds of forms. The most dramatic examples are the teeth-rattling tackles, painful falls and devastating impacts seen in contact sports. These events can seriously jar the musculoskeletal system, producing everything from concussions to fractures. They can also throw the spinal column out of normal alignment, robbing your spine of mobility and possibly causing herniated discs. Herniated discs are painful in and of themselves, but they can also pinch major nerve roots to produce pain, "electric" sensations or numbness in other parts of the body.

Other sports injuries are more subtle but potentially just as disabling. Overuse injuries, in the form of strains and sprains, are quite common among all kinds of athletes. Tennis elbow is a prime example. Tennis elbow is a form of tendonitis that afflicts the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle and tendon in the forearm; it occurs when constant repetitive racket strokes cause micro-tears and other damage in the tendon.

Golf elbow is a similar elbow injury that simply involves a different tendon. Knee pain relief is a must for runners plagued by runner's knee. This injury and other lower extremity injuries can be caused or aggravated by an unbalanced body and/or spinal alignment problems.

Schedule Sports Injury Treatment and Rehab With Our Anchorage Chiropractor

The good news is that you can achieve back, elbow or knee pain relief without becoming addicted to painkillers, risking major surgery or giving up the sport you love. Our Anchorage chiropractors at Adkins Chiropractic will examine your injury and symptoms as part of a detailed spinal screening and evaluation to obtain an accurate diagnosis, at which point immediate treatment to ease your pain can begin.

If you have a herniated disc and/or pinched spinal nerve, chiropractic adjustment can relieve your symptoms and restore normal neurological function. Torn muscles will start feeling better (and start healing) with the aid of our advanced physiotherapy services. Active Release Therapy is particularly useful for treating tissues stiffened by internal scarring. Physical therapy can reverse muscle atrophy and help you regain full flexibility.

Our Anchorage Chiropractor Can Treat Your Sports Injury to Get You Back in the Game!

Once you're ready to play again, we may recommend ongoing chiropractic and postural checks to make sure your body and technique are in balance, lowering your risk for re-injury. But first you need to heal -- so call 907-333-3535 for an evaluation!

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